Interim Assessments

Learn more about interim assessments and how they can be a powerful resource to improve teaching and learning for all students.

The Digital Library

The Digital Library is a critical component of the Smarter Balanced system of assessments and will include a variety of resources to help teachers support day-to-day teaching and learning. To learn more about the Digital Library click on the links below. Please check with your district to see if you are registered with the Smarter Balanced Digital Library.

Universal Tools

Universal Tools are accessibility resources of the assessment that are either embedded into the test administration system or separate from it. These tools are available to all students based on student preference and selection. Below you will find links with more information about the embedded universal tools, non-embedded universal tools and designated supports.

CAASPP Resources

Content Relevant Vocabulary

Teacher Guides
  • CA Teacher Guide
    English Learner Roadmap
  • CA Teacher Guide
    English Learner Roadmap

SBAC Claims, Targets and Standards for English Language Arts

SBAC Claims, Targets and Standards for Mathematics

These resources and MORE can be found in the teacher toolkit!